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We share your passion for decoration, we assist you in designing your ideal space from idea to realization and we inspire you to create the perfect environment to share with family and friends.

Whether the patio or the garden or a special corner, we put what is necessary to make it a reality and to bring you an affordable decoration for your home.

How to decorate a patio

Rustic Decorated Patio
Stones, Flowers, Lamps and Garden Bench Decorating a Patio.

Once the general decoration of the house was finished, we began to fix in the pending places to beautify, those that we left for the end as it is the case of the patios.

Even a small decorative element can give it another face, like placing nice lamps or maybe some planters fixed to the wall.

Or maybe you can install wooden boards that would give an elegant touch.

And if we are going to those, from its construction, if you are designing your dream house, you can choose a type of stone or other elements that are the decoration itself.

Accessories for garden and patio decoration

Why buy accessories for the outdoors?

If you have a terrace or patio, it is because you like to enjoy the views, the fresh air, the sound. We each have a “something” that makes us like that terrace. That’s why we like to have it organized, used and beautiful with the best decoration. That is why at homedecoroutdoor.com we have classified the main accessories and essential accessories to have on the terrace, both decorative and useful and comfortable, such as sofas, tables, sun loungers, among others.

Terrace View
Beautiful Terrace View with Fresh Decoration.

And of course, one of the main uses of the terraces is for rest and sunbathing, that’s why one of these loungers can not miss you.

Precautions in the high terraces

We will list some safety and prevention tips when we are decorating or preparing a terrace that is on an upper floor, which is not on the firm floor.

  • We must be careful with the weight we place on the terrace and how much surface is distributed that weight. The floors and elevated terraces have a maximum load per square meter, in most cases it is impossible to reach that limit, but we must be careful when placing large weights such as a pool. If it is a small inflatable of less than 1000 liters and with more than 1m2 of surface there is no problem in many cases, but if we have doubts and want to be sure we should consult an architect or the plans of the house.
  • Beware of objects or parts susceptible to “flying” because if we are on a high floor and fall to the streets, we could cause personal or material damage. The articles with large surfaces and little heavy, like umbrellas, pergolas, plastic weights, candles of shade; we will have to remove them when we do not use them or with strong winds. This also depends on the area and orientation of the terrace and how protected it is from the wind.

Others outdoor home decoration accessories

No less important or colorful, here you can see other accessories that can give another special touch to the decoration of the outside of your home.

Benefits of having a good garden or terrace

These are some of the many benefits that can be experienced when creating and / or having a terrace or garden.

  • If you like decoration, the terrace or garden is a good space in which to awaken and contribute your imagination creating unique and different spaces. In the case of gardens, it is usually the first thing a visitor sees when entering the house and they give a general first impression of the entire home, that is why it is important to decorate our taste and our personality.
  • As a hobby or form of relaxation decorating or creating a small world in our house where you can mix parts of natural environment with modern areas and take care of it can be a great idea and way to disconnect from work, problems or the world in general, being almost like a therapy.
  • You can create your own Chill Out in which you can relax and enjoy the views, read your favorite books or simply enjoy your space that you have created and decorated to your liking and see how the family or other people can enjoy it.
Mini Garden
There is always space for a garden.

Gardening accessories

Garden Bridge

The Latin word pons derived in the term bridge, that is used to name the structure that allows to cross a water course, an abyss or another space. The bridge allows people and / or vehicles to pass over what could not otherwise be crossed.

But beyond its purely functional objective, bridges are able to add an artistic note to spaces. Would you like to have one in your garden? It is not as difficult as you might think, since there are several types of bridges that can be installed in any corner of the garden giving it that special decorative touch. Although it is recommended to have a pond to install them, you can put one just for the pleasure of having an artistic element.

Garden Bridge
A bridge gives that artistic touch to the garden and even more when combined with a pond

Read more about garden bridges

Outdoor Furniture

Fresh and Tropical Outdoor Furniture
Fresh and Tropical Outdoor Furniture.

It is important to buy quality terrace furniture, as they will have to endure all kinds of abuse such as rain, wind, erosion and the sun.

There are very inexpensive garden furniture options that can be used for cases in which they do not suffer too much because they are a little protected.

But in gardens or open terraces, with nothing to protect it, it is very important to choose well the material of our garden furniture.





Outdoor Activities

The outdoor spaces always will be great for share with family and friends! Here we bring to you some activities to enjoy at your patio or terrace.

Outdoor Wildlife

Why not? You can also house life in your backyard.

Holidays and Celebrations

Find ideas, images, products and offers to decorate your patio, terrace or garden on those special dates to share with family and friends!

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