It is important when starting a decoration in the garden with figures take into account the distribution and spaces of these. For this, the best option is to go out into the garden and take a look to see which areas or corners are missing “something”. That’s where we can focus on thinking what kind of figure can fit perfectly to go in harmony with the other layout and aesthetics of the garden.

Sculpture for Garden
A Buddha figure in stone can be a great option.

If your garden already has a marked style of decoration, then it may be easier in part, if for example it is oriental type or with touches of the countries of the east, a Buddha figure in stone can be a great option, near the entrance to the garden where it can be seen when entering and that directly visitors can discover soon the subject on which you have based to make a garden decoration.

The zones of jardineras, near swimming pools or ponds are perfect places to place figures of garden. Normally, some decoration rules are followed for certain styles, but in the end the best option and the one we are most comfortable with is making a personal decoration, mixing different styles of garden decoration and modifying and improving the points of each style that most we like them In this way in addition to decorating easier and faster, it will be to our liking and we will feel better for the work done in the decoration of the garden.

Why buy figures for the garden?

  • They are decorative elements that are not too expensive and last for many years when they are outdoors and do not need any maintenance.
  • As for the aesthetic and decoration part, it gives a more natural aspect and with more life to the garden. It is the ideal complement to decorate those parts of the garden that are missing something.
  • In addition, those who have lighting such as small lamps or spotlights in addition to serving as a decoration will be a fantastic concealed lighting and with a totally different look than usual.


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