In addition to being a very eye-catching visual element, they produce a very relaxing sound, to the point of making us feel that we are immersed in the depths of nature.

Garden Fountain
Beautiful fountain at garden.

Outdoor Solar Fountain

If you do not have an outlet in the garden where you want to place the fountain, the best option is a solar source. The pump is powered by solar energy that collects the photovoltaic plate to get water circulation.

Waterfall Fountains for Garden

These cascade-style garden water fountains are ideal to be placed next to garden ponds and, in addition to achieving a special aesthetic, the sound in some models can be very real and relaxing.

Wall Fountains

This type of wall garden fountains are designed to be placed or hung on walls, either from the house itself or in any other place where we have a wall.

Installation of Japanese Bamboo Fountain

In this video from Nature Scapes Landscape & Garden Center, they show us a way to install a Japanese source of bamboo, an ideal source for gardens and outdoors where we need something natural and that provides soothing sounds.

What to look for when buying a Garden Fountain?

Let’s give some clues and tips of what would be the aspects to look at when deciding to buy a fountain for the garden.

  • Water intake: It is important to take into account if we have a water supply where we want to place the source, since in case of not having it or having the possibility, we need a source with a closed circuit that does not need an external water intake.
  • Size: Here you will find all kinds of fonts and sizes, it is important to see what size fits best in your garden, if the other details and garden ornaments are minimalist the ideal would be to buy a fountain for the garden of the same style. It is also important to check the size for the space we have where we are going to install it or place it.
  • Font style: This is a very personal factor of each one, but it is very important to remember that we must take into account, since being mainly a decorative element, it will have to be in accordance with the other components of the garden. If we are looking for a strong contrast with the source and the ground is white gravel, a black font can be a great option to get that contrast.If we want a more balanced style we will look for a lighter color font that is better integrated into the existing decoration.
  • With solar energy: Many of the current sources work with a solar panel, which can be integrated into the design of the source itself, dissimulating it between the parts of it or can include the plate with a separate cable, in this case usually have a cable long to place the solar panel away from the source and hide it. The great advantage with this type of sources is that we do not need water with pressure or an electrical outlet to operate the source, since it is totally autonomous, ideal for gardens or terraces where we do not have this possibility or do not want to do the installation.

Pictures of Fountains

Take a look of this beautiful images of gardens and outdoor spaces decorated with fountains!


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