A pond in the garden is the best option if you want to give a natural and organic touch to your garden. There are several ways to build or made a pond, but the fastest, easiest and most economical is with a prefabricated pond.

We just have to play a little with the accessories and extra decoration such as waterfalls, fountains, aquatic vegetation.

Advantages of installing a water pond in the garden

The large garden ponds are an ideal option for the installation of a decorative pond in your garden, since you only have to make the hole, place the prefabricated pond, either large or small and decorate it to your liking. With plants, fountains, waterfalls and whatever you want.

In large prefabricated ponds the best option is to achieve a balance between aquatic plants, fish and filter pump to achieve autonomous maintenance. In this way the water will always be in perfect condition, with good oxygenation and transparent to enjoy the small lake in your garden. We can look at the distribution of special plants and animals of some large aquariums that are self-sufficient without practically any maintenance, since each species is responsible for doing a “task” and thus have maintenance.

What pond should I buy?

When buying a pond for the garden, we have to take several aspects into account to buy the best option for our case, here are some tips to buy a prefabricated pond.

  • Size: It is very important to assess the size of the pond that best suits our garden, since an excessively large one for our small garden can be disproportionate and in the opposite case too. In addition we must take into account the space we have valuing that around you have to leave a margin if there are other objects or decoration nearby so that it is not too saturated.
  • Form: If we have a space and we do not have to choose in a specific way because it is the one that fits in the place we want, the best options are the natural silhouettes, which tend to be oval shapes but with some irregularity or stretching, as it is the most natural form of ponds and lakes.
  • Type and style: We can find them with a normal finish in black plastic for example or with a realistic finish, in both cases with a good aquatic decoration and by the banks of the pond and they will have a spectacular finish, we just have to play a little with the accessories and extra decoration such as waterfalls, fountains, aquatic vegetation.
  • Material: Most of the ponds are made of different types of plastic, the PVC pond is one of the most used, because it resists very well with time.

Accessories to decorate a pond

More than simply the pond and the water, we must keep in mind the decoration that we want to give to our pond that goes in harmony with the rest of the garden.

There are very colorful accessories that will not hurt your pocket and will give a different look to your pond.

How to install a ready-made pond from Ubbink

Images of Ponds

Inspire yourself with these beautiful pictures of decorations and ideas for garden and ponds!


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