Are you looking for a terrace pergola? Here you have all the information and a great selection with all kinds of pergolas for your terrace. In wood, aluminum, folding, in short, you have what you need and at good prices.

What to keep in mind when buying a Pergola?

  • An important aspect is to see if we are going to need this fixed and permanent installation, if we are going to use it in a few occasions a good option can be a folding pergola or that is easy to disassemble. This way we will only put it when we need it and will suffer much less in winter and with the weather conditions. If we need something permanent the best options are treated wood to resist well or aluminum.


  • The size of the pergola for garden is also important, we have to take into account that if we want to shade a table, the pergola has to be somewhat larger, but in the first hours of the day and last hour of the day the sun is lower, the leftovers will be displaced and will be much smaller. One option may be to put full side “skirts” or half height to get shade throughout the day.


  • If it is aluminum or wood, it is best to anchor it firmly to the ground or use large weights, if we are going to leave it permanent, the best option is to anchor it to the ground. If we are going to place it on grass, the ideal would be to make a small foundation for each leg, because if we anchor directly on the grass floor with the force of the wind, it can easily be released.

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